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Winter Daisy Recruitment


As a Girl Scout, your girl will practice
leadership with grit like a go-getter, problem
solve like an innovator, embrace challenges
like a risk-taker, and show empathy like a
leader—in an all-girl, girl-led, and girl-friendly
environment where she can feel free to let
her full, magnificent personality shine through every single time.

Contact: Loretta Lincoln
Website: visit website
Phone: (800) 922-2770
Directions: Click here for directions
Cost: $40.00
Scholarship:  Financial Aid Available
Additional Information:

As a Girl Scout Daisy(grades K–1),your girl will:

.Make new friends as part of a troop.

.Earn petals and badges while trying new things and learning a ton.

.Make a difference in her community through a leadership Journey as she learns to stand up for what she believes in.

.Sell cookies (and have fun doing it) as she learns how to work in teams, share her ideas, and plan and meet goals.

.Explore nature and the outdoors, learning to appreciate and care for the environment while reaping the benefits of less screen time and more “me” time.

.And so much more...


Girl Scouts of Connecticut

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